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Procedurally Generated Mech Combat Arcade Action · By CLD


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SoC:002 - Polygons and Powerdrives
In the second State of Carbon, I ramble a bit about 3D modeling, trying to drive a mech with Unity physics, and what sorts of goodies to expect in the newest bu...
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SoC:001 - Weapon Development
The following is a repost of a piece I put up on my blog regarding the ongoing development of Carbon. Follow along for all my blog shenanigans at

Welcome to the Carbon Pre-Alpha!

Hello! Thanks for picking up the game, I'm super excited to have you as an alpha tester. I'm striving to make it a fun, polished experience, so your feedback is incredibly important to me. Since it's a pre-alpha, I fully expect this game to be riddled with bugs and missing features, and as such I hope that you'll be understanding of these issues this early in development. I'm still working on Carbon as much as possible, but being a team of one and having a limited amount of time to work on it means that it might take some time to get things fixed or implemented. With that in mind, if you come across any bugs or issues feel free to hit me up on Twitter @Chris_Langford or post about it in the Community section.

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General Rules

I don't plan on being too strict when it comes to general posting on here, but I've got a couple basic rules:

  • Do NOT post pornographic or adult material.
  • Do NOT harass or attack other community users

In general, just be a good dude/dudette. Violation of these rules will result in a permanent ban.

Sending Feedback/Reporting Bugs

The easiest way right now to send feedback and report bugs is via this forum. If you've spotted a bug that hasn't already been posted, start a new thread with the prefix "BUG - ". For example, if your mech suddenly fell through the floor, you could start a new thread titled "BUG - Player mech falls through floor". Be as explicit as you can in these posts, explaining everything that happened, what you were doing, what mech you were piloting, what stage and area you were in, etc. The more info you can submit, the more likely I'll be able to find the problem and fix it.

General feedback is also much appreciated. Like the Bug reports, make a new thread with the prefix "SUGGESTION - ". For example, if you think an art asset could use some polish, you could submit something like "SUGGESTION - Graphics on level 3 need tightening". Keep in mind suggestions are just that - suggestions. I'll happily read through them all, but don't take it personally if I choose not to implement them.

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